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Welcome to Plymouth Injury Clinic.

We are passionate and committed to helping people lead healthy and active lives, and recognise the importance of being injury and pain free in order to achieve this. Our clinic was formed to offer a comprehensive approach to health and wellbeing, ensuring that all aspects of our client’s wellness are managed. As injury and rehabilitation specialists we understand only too well the impact that injury, pain and dysfunction can have on a person’s quality of life, and the importance of overcoming their condition.

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Injury Assessment

It is also important to remember that health ailments unfortunately affect not only our physical wellbeing, they also have a detrimental impact on our psychological and sociological state. Injuries can cause or exacerbate mental health conditions and prevent us from leading productive lives and doing the things we love. To address this and ensure we provide a holistic approach to treating your injury we have undergone relevant training to consider the biopsychosocial aspects of each condition.

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Injury Rehabilitation

As injury rehabilitation specialists our approach is to treat your injury with both manual therapy and rehabilitative exercise. This combination of treatment is extremely effective at treating the pain...

Sports Massage

Sports massage is a soft tissue therapy technique which aims to promote healing of the connective tissue within the body, through enhanced circulation and breakdown of scar tissue. It can also be used to invigorate...

Fitness & Wellbeing Assessments

As part of our holistic approach to healthy living we offer fitness and wellbeing assessments to help you identify which areas of your overall health need attention. The assessments we use...

Joint Mobilisations

Joint mobilisations are a manual therapy technique used with the goal of restoring joint motion and function, whilst reducing pain. Passive movements are applied to the joints of the body by a skilled therapist...

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Elbow & Arm Injuries

Elbow & Arm injuries affect everyone from recreational gardeners and musicians to boxers and power lifters. Many of these injuries occur as a result of repetitive motion and stresses placed...

Foot & Toe Injuries

Think about what your feet do for you as you go about your day. A foot injury can make your daily activities not only inconvenient but also difficult. As level 6 sports therapists we are committed...

Neck, Spine & Back Injuries

Neck, spine or back pain can make day to day life and its activities extremely uncomfortable. Even performing tasks like driving the car, getting out of bed and turning your head can be painful and impact on...

Shoulder & Chest Injuries

Shoulder and chest injuries can severely impact on a person’s ability to perform normal daily functions. Simple tasks like raising your arms and reaching out to grab something can bring about intolerable pain...

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Over the past 29 years I have worked within the health and fitness profession and developed my skills, experience and knowledge throughout this time. My first involvement in sport began aged 12 as a football coach alongside former Arsenal coach and successful Plymouth Argyle manager Dave Smith. This gave me an early insight into working with people and passing on my knowledge. Unfortunately my own football career which had attracted interest from Arsenal and Spurs, and saw me represent Devon and Plymouth Schools was cut short due to sustaining two broken legs aged 16. As a sportsman I also represented Devon in both athletics and cross country.

During my career as a trainer and sports therapist I have been fortunate to work with International rugby players both Male and Female, World champion kickboxers, British champion boxers, Elite Athletes and professional golfers, footballers and basketball players. I have worked within health clubs, 5 star hotels and more recently within my own clinic and gym, therefore my experience has been wide and varied. 

In recent years I have completed a FdSc (level 5) in Sports Therapy and Injury Rehabilitation and a BSc in Sports Rehabilitation with Sports Therapy, achieving both a distinction and first-class degree with honours. More recently my research work has been recognised by the University of Plymouth and was put forward for publication into medical literature, this was realised in 2020 when I became a peer-reviewed author and researcher for a well respected sport, exercise and psychology journal. I am also involved in another project as an author which is pending publication.

My commitment to helping people lead healthier pain free lives lead me to opening Plymouth Injury Clinic in 2019, which is an amalgamation of a clinic, rehabilitation centre and health related gym. Despite challenges in the infancy of this business due to the pandemic, the clinic has continued to improve in terms of both facilities and my own skills and experience. 

In 2021 I will continue my progression as a therapist as I undertake an MSc in Sport Rehabilitation in addition to numerous other vocational courses I have already completed during lockdown/s. These include, Corrective Exercise Specialist, Pilates, Weight Loss Specialist, Nutrition Coach, Exercise (GP) Referral and Level 4 Exercise Specialist for Obesity and Diabetes.

BSc Sports Rehabilitation with Sports Therapy (first-class hons)

FdSc Sports Therapy & Injury Rehabilitation(Distinction)

Peer Reviewed Author

Sports Massage (Level 4)

Corrective Exercise Specialist

Exercise (GP) Referral Diploma

Personal Training Diploma

Sports Nutrition (Level 5)

Weight Loss Specialist 

Nutrition Coach

Women’s Fitness Specialist

Practical Pilates Instructor

Senior Fitness Specialist 

Youth Exercise Specialist

Golf Fitness Specialist

Boxing Tutor


The services I offer were introduced to reach as many clients as possible with a wide variety of needs. If you have an injury; aches; pains; or just require a sports or relaxation massage I am able to treat you.  As with all therapeutic procedures there are on rare occasions red flags and contraindications, however, these will be addressed through the consultation process. The clinic and gym is well equipped to offer injury therapy, massage, rehabilitation & personal training and is suitable for all ability levels.

To ensure my clients receive the highest level of service, I have taken the following steps to exceed industry standards. I have achieved a first-class honours degree in Sports Rehabilitation and Sports Therapy and a Distinction in FdSc Sports Therapy & Injury Rehabilitation. I continue to develop these skills year upon year with numerous CPD courses to keep my skills and knowledge up to date. I am also actively involved in research projects and have received recognition as both a peer-reviewed author and researcher.  

Through my work as a Sports Therapist I have membership with the Sports Therapy Organisation (STO) and I am fully insured to practice. In 2021 I am undertaking a MSc in Sport Rehabilitation which will also include membership with BASRaT. I have undergone an enhanced disclosure and barring service (DBS) and have both first aid at work and sports first aid certification.

As a personal trainer, corrective exercise specialist and exercise (GP) referral practitioner all courses are accredited through CIMSPA. Which is the gold standard for exercise qualifications.