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Sports Taping



Sports taping also commonly referred to as Kinesiology (K) Taping is a technique developed in the 1970s with the goal of alleviating pain and enhancing healing. Stretchable tape is applied under variable degrees of tension, determined by need for taping. For example if the goal of taping is to provide support, then greater tension (stretch) will be applied to the tape. The mechanism of how taping works is: tape lifts the skin which increases interstitial space below the skin, relieving pressure on pain receptors and allowing for removal of excess fluid (Lymph) present in swelling.

Sports Taping
athlete runner knee kinesio tape running water splashes and drops

The benefits of sports taping are:

– Reduced pain and swelling

– It provides support during and after activity

– Enhanced recovery

– Improves circulation of blood and fluids